Becoming a Math Person -v .1

I’ve always been able to learn on my own, if only for the fact that I don’t allow any subject to intimidate me. I understand that all knowledge has some value and can be interesting if approached with the proper intent. That being said, there have been certain subjects that until the past few years I have not made a good enough attempt so that anything would sink in.

One of those subjects has been math. In college I did enough to fulfill the math General requirement. That being said, I’ve always appreciated math. It affords the wielder, the language of physics, and thus the very principles upon which the universe itself is built. It is foundation to hard and soft sciences alike. Thus, I will be noting here my path to turn myself into a math person.

It is worth noting that for the past two years I have been learning coding for web development, so I have developed a basic level of technical and procedural thinking.